Alpine Views Financial Services provides group (employee) benefits and group retirement plans for small businesses in British Columbia, their owners and employees. We also provide life, health, disability, and travel insurance for individuals.

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Offer your employees benefits so they’ll stick around.

Group plans cover things like prescriptions (medicines/drugs), health care (paramedical, such as physiotherapy, chiropractor, counselling, and registered massage therapy), dental care, vision/eyecare, life insurance, sickness and disability benefits, travel insurance, and employee and family assistance programs (EAP) including psychology and counselling. Alpine Views Financial Services will design a group plan that suits your small BC business.

Why small business Group Retirement Plans work.

Group retirement plans, also referred to as company pensions, are an integral part of long-term employment in any modern economy. Any job, from a fast-food restaurant, daycare centre, medical practice, tourism business, manufacturing plant or even a non-profit, can work to retain their skilled employees by offering a retirement plan. An employee compensation package needs that includes a group retirement plan will be competitive in finding and keeping the best labour talent available in your region of BC.

Group Retirement Plans
Healthcare Spending Accounts

Healthcare Spending Accounts

A Health Care Spending Account (HCSA or HSA) is a special account where money is set aside and used to pay for certain out-of-pocket health care costs, such as vision care, dental and more, as per governed by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). An HSA is a new way of small businesses who are incorporated can provide health benefits to their employees.

Hey, busy bee!

Are you a small business in British Columbia? Here’s some great ways to look after yourself and your employees.

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