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Building a business is like climbing a mountain, there are peaks and valleys. It is a steep learning curve and just like mountain climbing, it gets windy and stormy. Other times, it is butterflies and sunshine when the revenue comes in!

A business enterprise (your company) is a very important entity, not only for you and your employees, but also for your greater community. The relationship with your employees—your team—is your biggest, most important asset. Look after this relationship. A well-designed group benefits/retirement plan is part of the value that you bring to your company, your employees, their families, but also to the greater economy.

advisor, broker

Dragana “Ana” Bjelica

Advisor and Broker

After retiring from the navy, Ana joined the life and health industry in order to provide adequate coverage and protection to small business owners and other individuals who want and see the value of insurance coverage in this volatile economic time.

Alpine Views Financial Services is happy to offer group benefits insurance and group retirement plans to business owners, employees, and other individuals in the Province of British Columbia.

Now, more than ever, British Columbians need to consider what life, critical illness, disability and long term care coverage is available to them, either through a Group Benefits program or via individual and personal policies.

In terms of retirement saving, small business owners in particular are vulnerable to retiring without a pension, and so are their workers.  At Alpine Views Financial Services, we have customized benefits and retirement plans for all types of workers.  Everyone deserves good life and health insurance as well as a proper retirement plan.  Let’s create a plan for you.

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