Group Benefit Insurance & Retirement Plans

Group (employee) Benefits

Building a business is like climbing a mountain, there are peaks and valleys. It is a steep learning curve and just like mountain climbing, it gets windy and stormy, buffeted by the winds of economics. Then, other times it is butterflies and sunshine when the revenue comes in! A business enterprise, your company, is a very important entity not only for you, but also for your greater community, hence the relationship with your employees—your team—is your biggest, most important asset.

Look after this relationship and your company will be better for it. A well designed group benefits/retirement plan is part of the value that your business brings to your community and to the greater economy. Let’s design something that works. Everybody will be glad you did.

Group Benefits Packages

Benefits Insurance Plans

Group (Employee) Benefits include Life, Health, Dental, Disability, even Travel insurances for a group of persons.

Group Retirement Plans

Retirement Plans

Also known as group registered savings plans, these plans are offered by an Employer to Employees as part of their retirement savings planning.


Healthcare Spending Accounts

HCSA is a flexible, non-cash value benefit that can be applied towards eligible medical expenses, as per the Canadian Revenue Agency.

Ready to learn more?

If you are a small business, a solopreneur, or a partnership, seriously think about how insurance for life, health, sickness and disability can add value to your overall human resources – your most valuable asset.

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